Information, Credits, and Data Sources

The Project

Open Source Data and Mapping for Covid-19

In this unprecedented time of Covid-19, we decided that we had a responsibility as both developers and concerned citizens to do our part to contribute to the effort. We thus decided to develop a Covid-19 data tracker equipped with a heatmap and other features designed to help users to become informed.

This site sources data from third parties who are credited in the sidebar. We also provide API access to our own data for others to use. The bulk of this data has been imported from the Johns Hopkins CSSE Covid-19 project which provides latitude and longitude coordinates.


Our site and project provides a JSON API endpoint that anyone can use to query information used by our map. This data includes a latitude and longitude position for recorded Covid-19 deaths. Below is an sample of a URL and the data returned.


Development Team

Thanks to our contributors. Join us on GitHub

Abelard Bautista @abautista3712
Full-Stack Software Developer with a background in Reproductive Genetics --- Personal financial literacy advocate and avid beer enthusiast!

Robert Filkin @rfilkin
Programming is like solving a puzzle of sorts - and when everything clicks into place, you've also got a nice functioning machine! It's great fun.

Eric Heikkinen @Yankidank
Full stack developer with a penchant for front end design. Skilled with both LAMP and MERN stacks.

Ashely Rumbaoa @AshelyNicole
From a techy who loves troublshooting hardware and software repairs to full stack developer. Foodie, world traveler and adventure seeker at heart!